Dave Grillot

"Rick (Doblin), what do you think if we did a coming out campaign among everyone who's benefited from plant medecines or mushrooms or psychedelics- What if everyone on the same day said 'Thank You' and told their story? Right? Would this not combat the stigma and create waves on social media, and bring a lot of attention to the fact that there's extremely promising scientific studies. The fact that many of the top CEOs and business people are doing this and are credited for being able to think outside the box and see things in different ways- and the fact that it's a very pervasive thing in our society, but it's just so stigmatized" - David Grillot Five months later the list of involved supporters keeps growing, and the goal for having 100,000 stories of healing blasted over the internet via social media is well on track. This is, "a global grassroots movement to raise awareness about the healing potential of plant medicine and therapy-assisted psychedelics. Psilocybin, ayahuasca, cannabis, peyote, san pedro, iboga, LSD, MDMA and others".