Daniel Bellone

Daniel Bellone

Daniel is a spiritual leader and mantra singer that has transformed the lives of thousands across the world, sharing a unique experience called “Awakening Through Music” in more than 30 countries all over America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

His spiritual wisdom, insights about life, and advanced knowledge in ancient yoga blends with soothing melodies and ancestral chants to help people deeply reflect about their lives — discovering their inner truth, evoking the spirit, and awakening the heart.

As a spiritual leader, Daniel has been teaching “The Art of Happiness” for the last 11 years, cultivating more than 20.000 students around the globe expanding consciousness in subjects such as Self Awareness, Fulfillment, Health, Wealth & Success, Spiritual Growth, Love in Relationships, Art of Parenting, Awakening & Transformation, and Ancestral Liberation, among many other subjects that create a happy life.

Today Daniel is home-based in Beverly Hills, California, where he is currently working in a very exciting project that merges the power of ancestral Sanskrit chants — ancient technology of Consciousness — and modern tunes to delight the audience with and experience of “Music Beyond Entertainment”.

On August 15th 2019, Daniel started a new inspirational music channel on YouTube called “Peaceful Dreamer”, bringing together deep compositions, orchestral harmonies, uplifting tones, ancestral musical instruments, and modern digital synthesizers to inspire in the listener a sense of peace, relaxation, wellbeing and restoration from daily stress and mental activity.