Let's get this one out of the way early: Yes, I am completely blind. My blindness is caused by a rare mutation in my TULP1 gene that manifests in my eyes as Retinitis Pigmentosa. I did have some vision when I was young, and it was in my mid-20s that my sight became totally unreliable. My lack of vision has never stopped me from chasing my dreams! I am the proud mother of two beautiful children (now grown up) and have focused my studies on Psychology, Anthropology and Nutrition. So why am I here? The answer is simply this: Food is Medicine. I used to be bedridden for most days out of the week as the result of having a severe Candidiasis, Fibromyalgia, low blood pressure, and frequent siezures. I spent my life going from one specialist to another, and was on medication for 15 years. These doctors were focused on keeping my symptoms in check, and none of them shared any hope that I would ever get better. I started taking my diet seriously when I discovered that the Candida had spread to my bloodstream and I had a 40% chance of survival. I wanted to LIVE, so I immersed myself in biology and food chemistry. To my great surprise (and my doctors'), I actually healed. No more meds, no more pain, no more diagnoses. I did not believe in sacrificing flavor in the pursuit of healthy eating, and now I work as a personal chef for a select few people, and maintain my humble Cottage Foods business. My focus is on clean living, natural remedies and creating the tastiest version of a meal possible. We are all only at the beginning of this voyage and I have already learned so much. I hope to share the knowledge that saved my life with you and learn as much as I can. So, lets get messy and create something beautiful together!