Hey all! I'm cheeze_pizza, and I welcome you all to Pizza Town! Um...I like pizza. Cowabunga! I'm 38 and originally from Michigan. I'm a pizza lover, gardener, home cook, gamer, and fan of all things Japanese. I make homemade pizzas on a weekly basis! My wife Brandy joins the fray from time to time as well! I have no formal cooking training, but I did work for two pizza shops in my youth. One being a large global brand and the other a smaller regional shop. I picked up good pizza making knowledge and experience from both of those jobs. Also, they helped to increase an already growing love for pizza. My style is similar to a NYC pizza joint, but I love all types of pizza! Since I grew up in Michigan, I am a huge fan of the Detroit style. You will also see those square beauties when we have the good brick cheese. I started on Twitch with gaming streams in 2015, but in early 2016 I transitioned to Creative streaming with a focus on pizza making. Since then we have made many different pizzas, and I love being able to share the process with everyone. 🍕 In December 2018, we added the Ooni Pro pizza oven to our arsenal of tools. This is a quad fueled oven (coal, wood, gas, or pellets) that can reach temperatures over 500C/932F and cook pizzas in seconds! Ooni Website I consider this a new era of pizza making in this stream. We run a poll every week to determine what pizza to make on the weekend and you can find that here: If you want to see some of the pies I've made so far, look here: Imgur This is my Master Pizza List in which I create the poll options from: Master Pizza List