Betsy Sweet

Betsy Sweet is a progressive activist/advocate. For 37 years in Maine politics, Sweet has advocated for women, children, the lgbtq+ community, low income folks and others whose voices need to be amplified in the political process. Recently, Sweet was a candidate in the Democratic primary for the US Senate, and in 2018 placed third in a seven-way primary as a Clean Elections candidate for Governor. Sweet is a leader in democracy reform, helping to write and pass Maine’s first-in-the nation public financing of elections and Ranked Choice Voting. She has passed key legislation including the first Family Medical Leave Act in the nation, funding for community mental health services and domestic violence and sexual assault. Her work is distinguished by her hopeful approach, creating ‘out of the box’ solutions, building coalitions, and taking on the establishment to get the people’s business done. Sweet also has a counseling practice “Sweet Spirit”.