Bella Goldwin

Hi! My name is Bella Goldwin, nice to meet you! A little bit about me, I'm a singer, musician, music producer, and artist. I love to explore my imagination and go on adventures. On my streams you will find a variety of things ranging from music, to games, to art, to IRL adventures that inspire you to try new things, or just create a good experience for you! I play the violin, cello, guitar, piano, ukulele, and I sing if you are wondering <3 I believe every single day is filled with infinite opportunities, we just need to be open to align with these experiences. Hopefully I can help you line up with your desires and dreams and show you the magical side of the universe. Live Music Stream Info: Priority Request - $5 or 500 bits or a sub and more get a priority request when i'm music streaming. Live Learns - $15 or 1500 bits or a tier 3 sub Please check if theirs chords for the song on ultimate guitar tabs. Please note that when requesting live learns it is greatly appreciated to check if there are chords online for your requested song. All donations are final and non refundable.