DJ Dakini

Host of "Voices of the Regenerative Decade" on the Speakers Stage... Becca Dakini is an Executive Producer / Program Director / Senior Project Manager / Operations Director with 20+ years experience internationally in event production and project management in the event and non profit sectors, with a focus on designing & operationalizing educational, art and cultural content, programs & campuses. She is currently Executive Producer with FutureProof Productions in California - collaborating with projects, festivals, organizations, artists, events, brands and other collectives to bring grand visions into reality - by offering curation, production, project management & operations services. From 2019-2020 she collaborated with Planet Home as Program Producer/Solutionist. Previously she was Co-Founder/Head of Creative Production at Onedome - a team of visionary pioneers in the immersive arts/tech world. Becca was the Experience Designer/Curator/Executive Producer of LMNL - a 15 room labyrinth of interactive immersive digital art at Onedome that attracted 100,000 visitors in the space of a few months. This was San Francisco's premiere immersive destination. Becca has worked globally with leading festivals and organizations in the USA, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Bali - including The Do LaB, Uplift, Envision, Oregon Eclipse, Symbiosis, Earthdance, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Burning Man, Burners Without Borders and more... She successfully devised and executed an infrastructure project at Standing Rock in partnership with Patricia Arquette’s charity GiveLove and Burners Without Borders, raising $100,000 through her networks and alliance to fund the project. Along with the partners, she oversaw the build team to successfully design, install and operate an extensive compost toilet systems throughout the camps, solving the onsite sanitation crisis facing the camps. Becca is a powerful service oriented individual, solutionist and culture-maker who has a passion for working with planetary solutions, thought leaders, visionaries and game-changers - and is now choosing to focus on projects devoted to tackling the climate crisis and nurturing regenerative cultures.