Beats Antique (USA)

You can’t know Beats Antique until you’ve been a part of its journey and experienced the act as an entity with a life of its own. A stage show that demands more music; music that needs costumes, ships and masks, and shadow dances; an audience that comes for art, and takes away stories to feed their imagination. When Beats Antique first drew breath, there was no pressure to become anything. The first album was just Zoe, David, and Tommy’s one-off experimental project for entertainment executive Miles Copeland, when Zoe performed with his Bellydance Superstars. From that creative freedom, a family formed, and in a good family, each member wears many hats. Tommy steering percussion, piano, and production. Zoe producing music, choosing themes and commanding a circus of traveling set designs, creating costuming, and, of course, dancing like nothing you’ve ever seen. David as the multi-instrumentalist, captain of banjo, songwriting, and production. These diverse skills are the muscle of the monster, how the creature moves through them, making itself real.