Hi everyone! I'm BBBubbz

I'm a Chef with 20 years experience, a Twitch Affiliate, gamer-at-heart and dog dad living/cooking in the PNW with my fiancée @JessBeU. I want to use Twitch as a way to share techniques, recipes and ideas about the culinary field and expand my presence in the streaming food community. To be warned, this is a mature-rated stream. As long as I don't have to work after my broadcast, I'll be myself—which tends to be vulgar and stoned. Obscure movie quotes, random stories, funny voices and me talking to my dogs can be found on this stream. Enjoy my content and come back to hang out and cook with me again.   Monday @ 2PM PDT ~ What's in the Fridge? Tuesday 2 PM PDT ~ Cinco de Mayo/Taco Tuesday Wednesday @ 2PM PDT ~ Weed Wednesday playing Lifeless Planet Thursday @ 2 PMM ~ Curry Night Friday @ 2PM PDT ~ Let's smoke a Brisket Saturday OFF Sunday OFF