Haaii! My name is Annelle. I'm a singer-songwriter, college student, and an aspiring cat lady. I live in the United States, love drinking tea and spending time near the ocean. ♡ I've been writing songs for most of my life, and am currently a full-time gigging musician. I travel, play live, and commute to Nashville to record and release new music when I can. I'm still new to twitch, and while I cannot promise the most sophisticated stream, I can promise a community where you can be yourself and always feel welcome ♡ Our Progress: ✧ 3/21/20 First (regular) Stream!! ✧ 4/1/20 Affiliated ✧ 4/9/20 500 Strong ✧ 4/22/20 1k Strong SCHEDULE Note: times are EST Streams usually last 2-4 hours & happen @7pm EST (if all goes according to plan.) However, because of my irregular travel & inconveniently timed migraines, I recommend joining our awesome discord family or following me on twitter for updates. ♡ ✩ I tour locally and typically have shows on the weekends! ✩ Shows are temporarily postponed due to COVID-19