Andy the Frenchy

I'm a friendly French Canadian gal who started streaming on Halloween 2019 and addicted to Twitch since. I speak franglish, I always wear PJ's, I do challenges, follow songs, dance intermissions, and sometimes I'm able to play a couple of songs. AND sometimes you can laugh at my getting my ass kicked in Zelda, The Last of us, Portal and play with me at Jackbox games Parties. Also I love Pokémon, Eevee is my spirit animal and his evolutions are all my personalities. MILESTONES: 2019/10/29: First official Stream 2019/11/06: Affiliate! 2020/01/14: 1000 followers 2020/03/01: 2000 followers 2020/04/16: 3000 followers 2020/04/29: PART NERD I'll try my best to stick to this schedule but it does change, if you want to know more exactly, I post my week's schedule every sunday on discord! Music: Monday 4pm EDT Wednesday 1pm EDT. Thursday 3pm EDT Saturday 1pm EDT.