Anand Mehrotra

Anand Mehrotra, Himalayan Master, is a world-renowned visionary and conscious leader, the founder and Master Teacher of Sattva Yoga and Sattva Yoga Academy. Born and raised in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga, Anand combines the ancient Yog-Vedantic wisdom with a radical approach to support the transcendence of the individual and the collective. Anand has dedicated his life to honoring the pure knowledge and wisdom of the Himalayas, to protecting the integrity of the powerful techniques contained in these ancient practices. Anand developed Sattva Yoga as a method through which people of all backgrounds can discover and embrace their true nature as expressions of the infinite potential of being. It is not only a practice relevant to modern times but also a profound journey of personal evolution that can transform one’s life. Anand guides his students with fearlessness, love, and compassion through the deep process of self-revelation, growth, and expansion.