Amanda Dufresne is a self-taught, freelance artist. Born in 1990 and raised in New Hampshire, she grew up in a low income home with lots of family members; there was little money to support hobbies of any kind, but that didn't stop Amanda from creating with what she had available.

She was always "the artsy type" in her family and in school, but after she graduated there was little time for her art. Amanda stopped drawing for four years to work retail so she could support herself and her daughter...

Over time the gnawing need to create became irrepressible. After mustering her courage and enough money to fund her dream she was able to quit her retail job and travel to comic conventions all over New England to sell her work!

Starting out with no prior knowledge wasn't easy, but through determination and sheer willpower Amanda had finally proven herself to everyone that doubted her.

Amanda is a traditional and mixed-media artist. She uses pens, markers, and anything she can get her hands on.