The Craft Film Series is an 8 x 30 series on Craft Beverages and Beyond. The series is unique to its own vision, beginning as “road trip” to visit the most interesting breweries in California.

 Created by Caroline Mercado and Robert Lundahl the series emerged from the land and the sunlight with an eye toward sustainability and broadening the palate. Brew with Me! #DONATIONBASED

Now expanding the virtual reach for brands and products, on–line, The Craft Film Series has its own channel.

Stay tuned for Program and Live Stream Topics and Scheduling.

Scene One with industry pioneer Anchor Brewing in San Francisco, leads to San Luis Obispo’s vegan, 7Sisters Brewing, Earth and Fire Brewing of Paso Robles, San Diego’s Second Chance Beer Company, Enegren Brewing of Thousand Oaks/Moorpark, and others. A diverse collection of makers is included.

“Brewing has relatively low barriers to entry, so it’s appealing to a new generation of entrepreneurs. Creativity is unleashed with an almost unlimited variety of choices in flavor profiles, pairing experiences, and storyline,” explains Co–Series Producer, Robert Lundahl.

The Craft is produced out of Paso Robles, and San Diego, California, and the producers pay special attention to “Local, Authentic and Sustainable.”

The result is an experience that richly delights, inspires and satisfies, and stories that are meaningful, personal, and insightful.

The beauty of nature abounds in lush cinematography, delicious writing, and a romantic attachment to the light and color in the land and in the imaginations of the makers and chefs.

We visit producers and vintners, growers and critics, people of all walks down an unexpected path.

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