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September 18, 2020

We are thrilled you’ve joined us for the wisdom, vision, and artistry shared at the Shift Summit & Music Festival! 

Watch any of the amazing musicians, experts, storytellers, and healers from Day 1 – the videos are below.

Thank you for your partnership in shifting our world!

With love,

Main Stage

Plenary + Highlights from Other Stages Throughout the Day

Welcome from Stephen Dinan, Founder, President and CEO of The Shift Network

Michael Beckwith

Opening Prayer and Blessing from Grandmother Flordemayo 

Music from Tina Malia

The Bigger Vision – Stephen Dinan

H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati & Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati

Racial Healing panel discussion

  • Moderator: Rev. Aliah K. MaJon, PhD
  • Rev. Dr. Devaa Haley Mitchell
  • Dereca Blackmon
  • Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

Renewing Our World, Andrew Harvey

Earth Guardians Youth panel discussion

  • Moderator: Jaiia Cerff
  • Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
  • Harmony Esqueda
  • Music from Poranguí


Emcee: Nadirah Adeye

  • The Knowledge of Self as the Doorway to Liberation  – Anand Mehrotra
  • Awaken Your Rhythm: Sound healing with drum & flute – Christine Stevens with guest drummer Don Gronberg from Plaza Cuba
  • Heart Healing in the Time of Covid – Dailey Little
  • Giving Thanks in Song: Connecting the human soul to the sacred – Kahontakwas Diane Longboat
  • The Real Toltec Prophecies for 2012, 2021 and 2026 – Sergio Magaña
  • A New Vision Of Community – Anthony Abbangano
  • Grounding in Grace: Nurturing spiritual resilience through challenging times – Miranda Macpherson
  • Deep Guided Healing for Chaotic Times: Strengthen your energetic grounding to weather any storm – Wendy De Rosa
  • Being, Mercy and Humanness – Jeannie Zandi
  • Mirabai Starr

Yoga & Movement

Emcee: Ann Patricio

  • Leigh Simran Brown
  • Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong – 5 Essential Practices – Daisy Lee
  • The Nia Technique – Kelle Rae Oien
  • Chow Qigong Miracles: A Way of Life – Effie Chow
  • From Grief to Gratitude: Cultivating Self-Love, Connection and Gratitude with Gentle Yoga and Somatic Movement – Wendy Stern
  • The Goddess Within: A journey of remembering the Divine Feminine alive in you! – Hemalayaa Behl
  • Circle of Fire: A powerful breathing practice – Daniel Orlansky
  • Bernadette Pleasant
  • Soul Sound Vinyasa Flow – Wendy Wilkinson
  • Accessing Your Power with Somatic Movement – Jahanavi Schriefer and Gayatri Schriefer


Women’s Empowerment

Emcees: Rev. Dr. Devaa Haley Mitchell & Sabrina Chaw

The Rise of Women and Dorothy’s Journey through Oz – Jean Houston

Women’s Critical Role and Image Going Forward – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Rev. Dr. Devaa Haley Mitchell
  • Jean Houston
  • Claire Zammit 
  • Shilpa Jain
  • Women in Media – chat
  • Dr. Nicole Haggard 
  • Munika Lay 


Emcee: Dawn Eidelman substituting for J. Manuel Herrera

Keynote by Delaine Eastin

A Strategic Vision for Public Education – Panel discussion

  • Moderator: Dawn Eidelman
  • Delaine Eastin
  • Jack O’Connell
  • Kevin Gordon


Emcee: Joy Donnell

Future Forward: Advancing empathy and equity in the media – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Joy Donnell
  • Rishi Kapoor
  • Andria Wilson

Reimagining What’s Possible: Media, storytelling and cultural change – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Joy Donnell
  • Elisa Parker
  • Tabby Biddle


Emcee: Philip Hellmich and Sister Dr. Jenna

The Culture of Peace Advances Inner Oneness and Outer Diversity – Amb. Anwarul Chowdhury

Global Collaborations Between Nations – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Philip Hellmich
  • Amb. Anwarul Chowdhury
  • Jonathan Granoff
  • Diane Randall

Global Collaborations Between Nations – Uzra Zeya

Racial Justice

Emcee: Rev. Aliah K. MaJon, PhD & Rev. Dr. Devaa Haley Mitchell

Standing in the Fire: The Spiritual Practice of Un-Training Whiteness – Swan Keyes

The Journey of Racial Justice – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Rev. Aliah K. MaJon
  • Swan Keyes
  • Pastor Kenneth Davis
  • Milagros Phillips
  • Amanda Slade

Personal Sovereignty & Unification: An Essential Foundation for Racial Justice – Amanda Slade


Emcee: Stacey Lawson

Theme for this segment: Exploring the Root Cause: Catalyzing a Sustainability Mindset for Individual and Global Action – What is the source of unsustainable practices that have permeated the various institutions of modern civilization? What is required for us to envision and create the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”? What beliefs do we have to lay down and what new mindset must be developed to move beyond the polarization, conflict and exploitative tendencies that plague us? How can we catalyze a Sustainability Mindset that fuels positive action both individually and globally?

Embodying the Age of Restoration: Exploring the evolutionary choice to thrive – Clare Dubois 

Exploring the Root Cause: Catalyzing a Sustainability Mindset for Individual and Global Action – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Stacey Lawson
  • Claudia Welss
  • Nilima Bhat
  • David Gershon

Sustainability is an Inside Job: A Shift in Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Healing – Stacey Lawson


Emcees: Gagan Levy & Diane J. Johnson, Ph.D.

Theme for this segment: IMPACT INVESTING

Keynote by Holly Ruxin

Panel discussion

  • Moderator: Diane J. Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Holly Ruxin
  • Joel Solomon
  • Jaques-Phillipe Piverger

Keynote by Joel Solomon


Emcee: Fe Love

Art and Activism – Gina Belafonte

Global Citizens; Grassroots Activation – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Fe Love
  • Gina Belafonte
  • Juana Alicia Araiza
  • Kira Carillo Corser

Artists in the Year 2030 – Juana Alicia Araiza


Emcees: John Wood, Jr. and Stephen Dinan

Transcending Through Nonviolence: The Path to the Beloved Community – John Wood Jr.

Transpartisanship – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Mark Gerzon
  • Laura Maristany
  • Debilyn Molineaux
  • Ben Rekhi

Breakthrough Policies – Eleanor LeCain

Healing & Health Care

Emcee: Dr. Shamini Jain

Tuning Into Frequency and Healing – Janine Lopiano and Joanne Luca 

Biofield Technologies and Healing: Towards a new paradigm –  Dr. David Muehsam 

The Future of Healing Technology – panel discussion

  • Moderator: Dr. Shamini Jain 
  • Janine Lopiano and Joanne Luca 
  • Dr. David Muehsam 
  • Dr. Bill Bengston

Can Biofield Healing be Scalable? The role of technology – Dr. Bill Bengston

Spiritual Awakening

Emcee: Sister Dr. Jenna

This is an Awakening – Bishop Carlton Pearson

Om Shanti – Music by Kristin Hoffmann

We’re Not in Turmoil, We’re Having an Awakening! – Interfaith panel discussion: 

  • Moderator: Sister Dr. Jenna
  • Bishop Carlton Pearson
  • Sister Jayanti
  • Elaine Whitefeather

Returning to the Essence – Sister Jayanti 

Face of God – Music by Karen Drucker

Transformational Tech

Emcee: Nichol Bradford

Keynote by Nichol Bradford

Panel discussion

  • Moderator: Nichol Bradford
  • Ting Jiang
  • Robin Arnott

Keynote by Amber Fowler


Global Dance

Enjoy music on the Global Dance stage from artists:

  • Giselle World
  • Poranguí
  • Mose
  • Dirtwire 
  • Ganga Giri 
  • Desert Dwellers

Acoustic Heart

Enjoy music on the Acoustic Heart stage from artists:

  • Suzanne Sterling
  • Donna De Lory
  • Tina Malia
  • Beautiful Chorus
  • Murray Kyle
  • Kristin Hoffmann