Kicking off a global call to action to plant 1 Million Trees
Online, September 17-19, 100% of donations to support TreeSisters reforestation efforts

An Epic 3-Day Online Gathering of Changemakers Lighting the Way to a Better Future

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The Shift Summit & Music Festival

Join us for this free, online conference & music festival with 100+ speakers and music artists from around the globe coming together to offer massive inspiration, deep transformative practices, powerful healing work, ecstatic music celebrations, and real gameplans for change..

Amazing Musical Performances

Inspiring Speakers

12 Action Plans for Change

It all starts September 17th, 2021.  Reserve your free ticket now.

Festival Highlights

Want to see what this festival is all about? Check out our 2020 highlights reel to experience last year’s festival and get excited for this year’s free online event!

About The Shift Summit & Music Festival

As we emerge from a global pandemic, there’s an opportunity for us all to take an unprecedented leap forward and redesign our world while we reimagine our lives. 

The clock is ticking. Humanity simply HAS to turn things around. Soon.

The Shift Summit & Music Festival aims to be the largest online event of the year, combining the most innovative visionaries from every sector of society alongside musicians and artists who lift our spirits and touch our souls.

We invite you to join us and our powerful lineup of changemakers, thought leaders, artists, and creatives from around the globe to unite in one massive impact…

To replant ONE MILLION trees together to restore ecosystems, reboot economies, and heal our relationship with Mother Earth.

This year, we’ve partnered with TreeSisters — a social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration into everyone’s hands.

We once had 6 trillion trees on our planet and we’re down to 3 trillion. Building a global movement to add a trillion back in this decade not only gives us a decade to avert the worst of climate change, it will also give us the collective confidence to take on other big changes.

If you’re on a path of growth and positive impact, this is THE event of the year, with hundreds of artists, speakers, healers, and visionaries coming together for unprecedented dialogue, inspired offerings, and acts of collaboration. 

At the Shift Summit & Music Festival, we invite you to dance, open your heart, expand your mind and liberate your soul.

This event is totally free and completely online join us from wherever you are and lend your voice and your energy to this world-shifting cause.

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“The online event of the year to uplift consciousness and redesign our future”

– Deepak Chopra

What People are Saying About Shift Festivals

“Almost like a 2020 online Woodstock. Thank you to all the hundreds of people it must have taken to put on a show like this.” – Summer Craig 

 “This is absolutely the most beautiful soulful event! What a blessing to the world! To us all who are present!” – Dorie Pride

“Just so heartwarming and encouraging for the future and so many people in the universe who DO CARE and DO SEE that we need to come together.” – Molly

About The Shift Network

We are a socially conscious organization which, since our founding in 2010, has served over 3,200,000 people in 170 countries in domains such as spirituality, holistic health, sound healing, Indigenous wisdom, peace, psychology, enlightened business, and sustainability.

Our focus to date has been on interactive, virtual courses, global online summits and festivals, and live seminars and retreats – all centered on empowering a shift to a more sacred way of living.

We empower and support a global network of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that leads to a more enlightened society built on principles of health, peace, prosperity, and sustainability.

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