Be Part of World Spirit Day

Greetings from the UNIFY team,

The following letter encompasses the details and invitation to a Global Event that we are hosting on December 21 2020 on UNIFY /

Thank you so much for receiving this letter and taking the time to consider our invitation to the December 21 2020 Live Broadcast & Global Synchronized Meditation on UNIFY. This document will outline the event we are inviting you to, as well as our humble request for your participation.

We will endeavour to be as succinct as possible and leave a contact for you if you require any further information or wish to discuss your participation with us. As you may be aware, December 21 is the Solstice. Solstices and Equinoxes have been observed for thousands of years, being celebrated in some way by almost every ancient civilization. In the Mayan tradition, for instance, the Winter Solstice was regarded as more important than the birth of a new solar year. To them it represented the beginning of a new Great Cycle of time, the resetting of the great celestial star-clock, creating the possibility of a significant shift in human consciousness. All across the planet, pyramids and intricate stone calendars have been built to help us track and celebrate these moments.

On December 21 this year there is also an auspicious astrological alignment occurring between Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. For the first time in over 800 years, the two planets come together in the sky so close that they create what is known as the Bethlehem Star. It is thought that this day heralds the dawning of the Age of Aquarius: the ushering in of a new awareness for humanity, an era of solutions and possibilities, a time where we are being called to get in touch with and live from our deepest soul essence. Much like the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 this day marks a pivotal moment in human consciousness and civilization at large.

December 21 is also the 8th anniversary of UNIFY. Our first global event was during the historic December 21 2012 Convergence where we unified many millions of people in over 800 locations around the world for a Live Broadcast and Global Synchronized Meditation. Since then, UNIFY has organized over 60 Global Meditations, bringing together hundreds of millions of people worldwide to share in consciousness. Today, we have an active audience of 10 – 30 million viewers per month and it is our honour to engage them in major global gatherings to raise planetary consciousness.

For this Solstice, we are connecting with and organizing various ceremonies and celebrations at sacred sites and living communities of light around the planet. On December 21 2020 we will be hosting a day-long Live Broadcast and Global Synchronized Meditation following the Solstice sunrise at different sacred sites around the world. During the day’s broadcast we will be joined by luminaries and masters from many lineages and traditions. We will be sharing sacred musical offerings and blessings from our contributors.

Small ceremonial gatherings are being held at sacred sites around the world such as Uluru, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Chichen Itza, Hawaii, India, Sedona, Mt. Shasta, Bali, California, Mexico, Jerusalem, Palenque, and more.

Hundreds of organizations have heard the call and are unifying their respective communities. We are anticipating millions of people joining us throughout the day as we unify our hearts and minds in ceremony across the planet.

The instructions being received by many is that we must unite with a sacred fire at the centre of our ceremonies. We humbly put forth this letter as a formal invitation to you to UNIFY with us on that day.

Here is what we are specifically requesting of you:

1. We invite you to please host a fire ceremony from your location. Ideally at a holy place of worship: an ashram, a temple or sacred site. If you cannot host a fire ceremony, we invite you to light a candle and keep it lit throughout the day.

2. Please take live footage of your ceremony and connect to us via zoom where all the other ceremonies will be in the UNIFIRE Community Zoom Room. This can be as simple as streaming from the Zoom app on your smartphone on a tripod.

Click here to register your participation

3. If you are unable to attend the livestream, we invite you to please take footage (on a smartphone or camera) of a transmission, blessing, prayer, meditation or ceremonial offering and send it to us for the Main Broadcast at

4. If you are producing a professional multi-camera Livestream event please provide us with key information we will require to host you in the Main Broadcast

Click here to register your event with us

5. We humbly ask you to please reach out to any spiritual leaders or communities who should know this event is happening and please send them this document as a formal invitation to UNIFY with us.

Important Dates & Times for December 21 2020

• To participate we need to receive your information by December 20th @ 4pm

PT / 7pm ET / 12am UTC

• Live Broadcast starts at December 21 @ 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm UTC

• Global Synchronized Meditation starts at December 21 @ 10:22am PT / 1:22pm

ET / 6:22pm UTC

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask those questions directly to the person who has given you this invitation, or send us an email at Thank you so much for considering our invitation. We look forward to hearing back from you and entering this new phase of humanity together.All the very best,

The UNIFY Team