On January 1st, 2021 the social streaming network PORTL hosts HOME AID, a 72-hour live stream event to benefit musicians impacted by the shutdown of the live music industry. The on-line event features acclaimed folk, rock and electronic musicians from around the globe.  The free three-day benefit event premieres at 10am PST on Friday, January 1st at homeaid.global and runs through the morning of January 4th.

HOME AID represents the culmination of the best live from home performances from a variety of festivals, and conferences hosted on PORTL in 2020, as well as new live performances by select artists. The goal of HOME AID is to raise awareness of the devastating impact of the shutdown on creative artists, with all event proceeds going to benefit impacted musicians.  The event also hopes to uplift the audience with songs of hope from visionary artists in a time when live music has been nearly silenced.

“Pain can be found in nearly every nook of the economy. Millions of people have lost their jobs and tens of thousands of businesses have closed since the coronavirus pandemic spread across the United States. But even in these extraordinary times, the losses in the performing arts and related sectors have been staggering”.  – NYT December 26, 2020

When live event venues shut down in March, musical and creative artists were the first to see their industry shutdown, with most venues still shuttered today into the indefinite future.  In a time where streaming services had virtually eliminated physical CD and merchandise sales, most artists depended on live events and touring for income.  With the sudden collapse of all festivals, live venues and tour destinations, musicians, comedians, theatre performers and other creatives were suddenly unemployed on a massive scale.   Without a way to connect with their communities and also to monetize their creativity, artists turned to performing for free on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.  (some artists even pay to “Boost” their live streams to get more views).

“During the quarter ending in September, when the overall unemployment rate averaged 8.5 percent, 52 percent of actors, 55 percent of dancers and 27 percent of musicians were out of work.”  –  National Endowment for the Arts

PORTL, a social community founded by musicians and event creators immediately started working on tools to empower content creators and connect communities to provide relief. By late March, PORTL was promoting thousands of online and live stream events and featuring some of the best creative live stream channels from various platforms.  The team had quickly re-purposed the platforms technology, and within the month partnered with Chris Deckker, the respected festival producer of Earthdance.  Together they co-created ONE EARTH LIVE, a massive live stream music event featuring artists from across the globe that raised tens of thousands in contributions for artists and attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers in more than 170 countries.

The global success of ONE EARTH LIVE led to a series of large scale online festivals and conferences on PORTL, including The Shift Summit, Faerieworlds, Burn Night (virtual Burning Man), the Global Eclipse from Patagonia broadcast and more. HOME AID will feature excerpts from many of these events, highlighting more than 100 artists who performed on the network in 2020 during the global shutdown.  The mix of festivals and artists featured as part of HOME AID will provide a cross-cultural and multi-generational plethora of creative styles from every corner of the world.

The HOME AID experience will utilize all aspect PORTL platform with multiple live music and art stages, engaging user chats, community social walls, and group based video conference watch parties.  In alignment with the artists featured in the event, the PORTL platform founders have also been outspoken advocates of data sovereignty and equitability for content creators, giving talks at conferences on the subjects before the pandemic struck.  The team is currently working a V2 of the platform that will bridge the online and live worlds into the future, while giving fans a social community option that doesn’t sell out their data to the highest bidder.

“We don’t see online events displacing live events,” says founder Emilio Miller Lopez, “we see a future where live streaming will compliment in person live events, allowing artists to reach their global community from the most intimate of local venues.  This may be the greatest gift for artists post-pandemic, new technologies that amplify their message while giving them the tools for an equitable and empowered future.”

Home Aid PR Contact:
Emilio Miller-Lopez



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