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Caroline Mercado, advertising connoisseur, asks the questions and listens to the heart of the story, about Covid–19, business re–boots, and how people are rethinking their lives, going about the day to day, and building a better tomorrow.

It falls to each of us to help define what that new normal is. Will it be one of creative abundance and opportunity?

Small business success is Caroline’s life and cause, she is the host and Co-Series Producer of the Craft Film Series, and she is an advertising teammate and ally for sustainable and local producers and the edible delectables they provide for us all.

#GiveBack #GetBack explores the landscape for business in California and shares ideas for managing change.

In this case, change may feel somewhat like falling off a cliff, and here, Caroline gets personal with an open–hearted approach to the inner understandings that create the inspiration for entrepreneurial success.

How do we re–invent? Service our long term clients? Explore new markets and visions?

It’s possible, and Caroline knows, from a family upbringing in and around the food and beverage circle, and later as a creative producer in exploring new territory and potentials for business and personal development.

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