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Mar 25

Social Science for Social Justice

March 25 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm GMT

Goldsmiths Racialised Postgraduate Network (GRPN) Alternative Canon Lecture Series

Social Science for Social Justice: Data do not speak for themselves. Those who draw attention to racial disparities may reinforce narratives that pathologize those who are most vulnerable. Such narratives often fail to examine how pre-existing social conditions produced by capitalism, racism, and colonialism determine life chances. The JUST Data Lab tracks, synthesizes, and situates data on the racial dimensions of social life within historically and sociologically grounded interpretative frameworks. The aim is to work in collaboration with community partners to create a set of resources housed at the JUST DATA Lab to spark ongoing research, teaching, and public engagement, encouraging deeper reflection on how data can be used to advocate for justice.

Cierra Robson is the Associate Director of the Ida B. Wells JUST Data Lab at Princeton University where she guides research teams in partnership with community organizations to explore how data can be retooled for racial justice. Additionally, Cierra is a doctoral student in the Sociology and Social Policy program at Harvard University where she is a Malcolm Hewitt Wiener PhD Research Fellow in Poverty and Justice. Broadly, her research explores the ways in which technological advancements both reinforce and revolutionize racial inequality in the United States, particularly within the criminal justice system. She holds a BA in African American Studies from Princeton University, where she specialized in studies of race and public policy and pursued a minor in Technology and Society.

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