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Sep 24

Mughlai Korma (Vegan and Non-Vegan options) with Rash

September 24 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Join Tradition Kitchens as Rash teaches us to make Mughlai Korma on 9/24 at 7:30 pm

Rash has already lead several classes with Tradition Kitchens, and now she’s back to teach this audience selected class!

Hear a bit about Rash in her own words: “I have had a lifelong affair with food – starting with my origins in Northern Borneo coupled with my South Asian heritage and South East Asian roots. I grew up surrounded by influences ranging from Northern India and across to Sulawesi – and that was just at home! By age 16, I was fortunate to have travelled most of the world which only added to my culinary exposure – and continues to.”

Korma is believed to have roots that span across Central Asia, long before it was introduced to India through the Mughal Empire in the 1500s. While there are a handful of Indianised Kormas today, Mughlai Korma – being the more common of them – was culminated during the reign of Emperor “Akbar the Great” where assimilation of Indo-Persian cultures, especially in the royal kitchens, was a by-product of the unity that his empire represented. Korma remained a royal kitchen staple and was notably served at the inauguration of the Taj Mahal.

During class, I’ll be showing you how to prepare this creamy dish that braises meat over a low heat with a combination of nuts and spices, among other ingredients. I will also share steps to prepare a vegan variant that is entirely plant-based while still delivering the key flavours that a traditional Mughlai Korma promises!

Join us and learn to cook this decadent and most royal of all curries – direct from the historic Mughal kitchens to yours!

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