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Jun 18

Mental Health & Wellness

June 18 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm SMT

Delve with Caregivers Alliance as we discuss misconceptions of mental health and identify certain key indicators of mental wellness.

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Mental Health & Wellness

In speaking about health, many of us hold misconceptions about what wellness and illness looks like. These notions then impact how we look after ourselves, how we respond to others who may be experiencing health distress and how we support family members who are impacted by their loved one’s condition.

This talk explores what it means to be well and how to recognize when help is needed. It examines the prevalence of mental health conditions in Singapore as well as the population’s help seeking behaviors. We look at sources of help, including where non-medical support is available. Finally, we end off with tips of maintaining a healthy mind and sense of well-being.

Completion of this module will empower you to:

• Understand the misconceptions surrounding health

• Identify key indicators of wellness

• Learn about the different types of mental health conditions

• Identify signs and symptoms of mental health challenges

• Knowing where to seek help and tips on maintaining wellness

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Important notes:

1. This session is only reserved for Siemens employees.

2. Confirmation email with link to the webinar will be sent out to you separately by the organizer.

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