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Feb 19

LifeForce Yoga Trauma Sensitive Training & Self-Care

February 19 @ 5:00 pm - February 23 @ 5:15 pm UTC-8

Over 50% of Americans experience trauma in their lifetimes. This can include sexual and physical assault and abuse, experiencing or witnessing accidents, combat, disaster, illness, or violence.

Unresolved trauma can result in a varied range of health imbalances from depression, and anxiety to addiction, to auto-immune disorders and heart disease. According to a recent report released by the CDC, a history of trauma is an indicator of increased mortality rates and mental health challenges.

This compassionate and useful training will provide an understanding of trauma and PTSD from both the Western and Eastern perspective, including PolyVagal theory and the Gunas. Learn trauma sensitive modifications of teaching language and Yoga practices that can help allow the safe release of trauma memory stored in all the Koshas (physical, energy, emotional and mental levels of existence). These practices can help trauma sufferers find relief by reconnecting with their own true and unsullied nature for sustained periods of time. From this source of reconnection, they can build resilience and increase self-regulation, diminishing triggers and flashbacks and fostering greater overall wellbeing.

During this course, we will be discussing trauma and PTSD as well as application of techniques in the morning sessions. Afternoon sessions focus on self-care mastery for practitioners, including yoga nidra and movement.

Tuition: $660

Register at: https://soulofyoga.com/event/lifeforce-yoga-mood-management/

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