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Oct 26

Empower & Rewild Your Inner Sacred Feminine

October 26 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm BST

Join us for an evening with psychologist Christa Mackinnon as we explore the power of the sacred feminine within us all.

**Please note the date change of this event to October 26th**

In this time of challenge and change, “the feminine” offers a gift: it holds the deep knowing of nature, of life, death and rebirth – of the circles and cycles of life. This is what we need to re-discover, re-empower, nurture and bring to the fore on all levels of society so that we can not only survive, but thrive.

During a special  with Crista Mackinnon, we will look at what have been the consequences of our collective shift away from “the feminine” and move towards what we know now as the dominance of ‘toxic’ global patriarchal systems. We will use a guided journey so that each of you can explore, strengthen and value the instinctual, wild feminine forces and their wisdom within you and spend some time discussing how we can bring them to the fore to help restore the much-needed balance within us and within the collective.

Please note that the ticket price includes a recording of the event.

About Christa Mackinnon

Christa is a psychologist, family counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist, shamanic teacher and bestselling author of three books about shamanism and therapeutic shamanism.

Christa sees herself as a modern-day medicine woman. After working for many years internationally as a trauma specialist and university lecturer, whilst parallel training with indigenous and contemporary shamanic teachers from around the world, she now combines her knowledge of the contemporary psychological with ancient shamanic teachings, a subject she speaks, writes, trains and lectures widely about.

Christa sees herself as a ‘Modern Medicine Woman’, working on many levels towards a shift in paradigm. In this capacity she founded the training organisations ‘Bridging the Worlds’ and ‘Women Weaving Change: The Modern Medicine Woman Training School’ and co-founded ‘Sacred Earth Activism’, which brings the ancient spiritual into direct eco-action on the ground.




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