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Jun 18

Art Concepts 5: Digital worlds: the future of art online

June 18 @ 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm BST

Art historian and author Dr Marie-Anne Mancio takes us though the last of five key concepts that power contemporary art

Unveiling the mystique of contemporary art – five key concepts that pull it together!

This week ‘Digital worlds: future of contemporary art online, digital and internet art’.

Contemporary art is exciting, ever changing, and news making, but often baffling and snobby, and sometimes even visually unpleasant. How did art become more about the idea and less about the skill? How did spray paint on a public building go from vandalism to auction house centrepiece? And when is appropriation honouring vs. stealing?

Grab a glass of wine if you are on Europe time, or a coffee if in the USA and join the London Art Salon for our series of Zoom lectures with Dr Marie-Anne Mancio.

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