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May 6

50x30WR: Voices and Actions on Food Sovereignty

May 6 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

50×30 Waterloo Region is creating space for local groups, organizations, businesses, and activists to come together and share their visions

This event will be focused on food sovereignty.

50×30 Waterloo Region is creating space for local groups, organizations, businesses, and activists to come together and share their visions of urgent climate action for our collective well-being. Join the event to share stories and strategies of climate action in Waterloo Region and the importance of a 50% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030. There are numerous, surprising ways to achieve the 50by30 goal but if we can listen, learn, and value each other, we can start this journey together.

There will be three events focused on Waterloo Region’s greatest challenges for decarbonization and social justice – Transportation, Housing and Density, and Food Sovereignty. The climate crisis touches every aspect of our lives. Come and explore the many opportunities for us to work together towards a healthy, sustainable, and socially just future.

There is worldwide scientific consensus that a 50% emission reduction is required globally by 2030 (50×30) in order to avoid catastrophic impacts. Other communities and provinces in Canada and around the world are already setting 50by30 or greater goals. In our communities, Climate ActionWR “is working with all eight municipalities within Waterloo Region” towards an 80 per cent greenhouse gas reduction by 2050, with an near-term goal of 30% reduction by 2030. While these are admirable goals, Waterloo Region needs to be a leader.

Please join us for this opportunity for organizations, groups, businesses and activists to come together, each with different perspectives and visions of the future, but also acknowledging that common threads so that we can achieve substantial change by 2030.

These events will be ongoing. Make sure you check out our other events. Join the 50by30WR email list to stay in touchPlease reach out to us if you would like to take an active role in helping to plan these events.


The definition of Food Sovereignty that we will be working from is the definition used by Food Secure Canada, please visit their website for more details.

“Food Sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems.”


The first six pillars were developed at the International Forum for Food Sovereignty in Nyéléni(link is external), Mali, in 2007. The seventh pillar – Food is Sacred – was added by members of the Indigenous Circle during the People’s Food Policy process.

1. FOCUSES ON FOOD FOR PEOPLE: Puts people’s need for food at the centre of policies. Insists that food is more than just a commodity

Builds on traditional knowledge. Uses research to support and pass this knowledge to future generations. Rejects technologies that undermine or contaminate local food systems

3. WORKS WITH NATURE: Optimizes the contributions of ecosystems. Improves resilience

4. VALUES FOOD PROVIDERS: Supports sustainable livelihoods. Respects the work of all food providers

5. LOCALIZES FOOD SYSTEMS: Reduces distance between food providers and consumers. Rejects dumping and inappropriate food aid. Resists dependency on remote and unaccountable corporations

6. PUTS CONTROL LOCALLY: Places control in the hands of local food providers. Recognizes the need to inhabit and to share territories. Rejects the privatization of natural resources

7. FOOD IS SACRED: Recognizes that food is a gift of life, and not to be squandered. Asserts that food cannot be commodified

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