Like so many event producers this year, Faerieworlds has been hit hard financially by the cancellations from Covid 19.  Even in these challenging times, we are dedicated to keeping to magical spirit of Faerieworlds alive and connecting to all members of the family of the Realm.

Your support of this event or a donation to support Faerieworlds is needed and very welcome at this time so that we can remain viable to all come together next year for our 20th Anniversary.  We are so deeply grateful for your support and the magic you create that makes Faerieworlds one of the most unique festivals in the world.

In addition to supporting Faerieworlds, we are also proud to include contribution options for The Nature Conservancy and Donovan’s project to bring TM to schools.

For those wishing to assign their contribution to a particular musician or artist there is a contribution field to do so.  Thank you once again for your support!

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