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Special Submissions Form

Welcome Regional Contacts, Regional Event Organizers, Theme Camp and Art Leads at Regional Events, and Other Community Organizers,  and other enigmas . Thanks for taking part with the BURN WEEK live Broadcast !
BURN WEEK is being hosted and lead by PORTL, A next generation technology company that exists to facilitate connections between Content Creators and their Audiences. The form will create a registration , that will allow you to take part in the community features on our platform. The broadcast will be simulcast in a number of places in the during the Virtual Burning Man Experience, including on our platform , The Infinite Playa, BCRvr, and others. Our world is free and open!
To submit your idea for broadcast, fill out the form. You can submit your video now or in the future. Please forms before Aug 1st, 2021. Submission deadline for prerecorded content Aug. 11th, 2021

Video Submission Guidance

At The Top

Please make sure to abide by the 10 Principles of Burning Man. Let your collective creativity shine. We are limited in how many submissions we can accept… so get the form in early! If you wish to broadcast live, please be in touch directly to to discuss your vision and schedule a space and time!


In order to preserve the spirit of gifting any content submitted that has commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising will not be used. Remember to not include any corporate sponsorships or advertising! This is the (virtual) Playa after all.

Video Recording

Horizontal. Landscape. So it looks like a movie. Please film in Full HD: 1080p image resolution (1,920 x 1,080)  Any recent smartphone will work. But the highest quality possible please.