Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest way to imagine the technology powering this event is “the equivalent of Facebook Live with chat for the main broadcast feed, plus Zoom rooms for camp watch parties”. The Community brings the content!

Viewing FAQs

Q. How do I tune into the Burn Week main feed if I just want to watch? 

A. Each day of BurnWeek, starting on August 28th, go to https://burnweek.live and click on the main window to access the video feed. No account or login is required to just watch. The main feed runs from 2AM PDT September 5 to 2AM PDT September 6. You will need an account to participate in Chat and other interactive features

Q. Can I use any browser, any device?

A. Yes, you can watch using any browser or operating system, on a computer or mobile device. However, use Chrome for the best experience (required on Mac). Use the biggest display you have!

Q. How can I text chat with a group of people?

A. Create a user account using the “sign up” button at https://burnweek.live. Then you can either chat with everyone in the main broadcast feed, or you can join a “camp” to participate in its watch party and chat with a group of friends (see Camp FAQs below).

Q. How Can I Video Chat With a group of People? 

A. After creating your personal account, find a camp at http://portl.com/burnweek (scroll down page) join the camp. On that camp’s page, use the “Join Meeting” button to enter its watch party.

Q. How can I feel safe while video or text chatting? 

A. We have moderators monitoring the chat on the main feed to keep things positive. All users also have the ability to block another user so that you no longer see their content. The creator of each camp can also block a user or eject them. For any issues beyond that, there is a button for calling in the Multiverse Rangers, who can help resolve issues.

Q. What if I feel scared, am grieving, or otherwise emotionally at risk? 

A. Hit the Rangers button! Our amazing Rangers have experts to help you, and can rapidly connect you with professional support you may need.

Camp FAQs:

Q. How do I create a camp? 

  1.  Go to https://portl.com/burnweek/participate/
  2. Choose Join a Camp
  3. You can set your camp as Public, Private, or Hidden: Hidden camps are not included on the camp list at https://burnweek.live/camps/.

    • If you create a Hidden camp, you MUST remember its url in order to find it again! Save it as a bookmark. Hidden camps are not recommended, as a bug currently makes adding members challenging.

Q. How do people join a camp? 

A. Sign up to create a personal account, then visit http://portl.com/burnweek/camps/ to find your camp. Click on the camp name in the list. If the camp is Public, you will automatically join it. If it is Private, the camp owner will get your join request and can either approve, deny, or ignore it. There is also a camp (“community”) search function on https://burnnight.live/

We are working on a way for camp owners to send an invitation to their contacts via email, but don’t know if this will be done by Burn Week.

Q. How do I set up a watch party for my camp? 

  1. The camp owner can do this by navigating to their camp.

  2. Click on “manage”, and in the left sidebar click on “meet”.

  3. This will open settings on the right side allowing the camp owner to name the watch party and select other settings for it such as whether it includes a waiting room.

  4. The camp owner can then start the watch party from the camp page a few minutes before everyone else is expected to arrive.

Q. How do I join a watch party? 

A. Navigate to your desired camp’s page, and once the watch party has begun, click on the “Join Meeting” button.

Q. How do I select whether my camp is watching our own burn or the main feed?

A. A camp watch party can only view its own burn. If any individual in the camp wants to view the main feed during the watch party, that user should open a second browser tab or window on their device and run the main feed in that tab/window. When doing this, users should wear headphones to hear both feeds at once without causing audio feedback. If you do not have headphones, mute the audio on the main feed and stay connected to your friends’ audio in the camp party.

Q. How do I moderate content in my camp area?

A. The camp creator is automatically its moderator. The moderator can block anyone or report a chat message as spam. Also, any user can block another user’s content from themselves.

Q. How do I get help?

A. There are three kinds of help you can get from inside a camp or on the main feed: a tech support button for tech issues, Rangers button for emotional/conflict issues, or the Playa Info button for general information.

Q. How do I visit a camp during the event?

A. Navigate to http://portl.com/burnweek/camps/ and pick one from the list!

Q. Can I broadcast live to the main feed directly from my camp gathering?

A. Only if you have signed up to do so in advance. Doing this requires special preparations since the camp watch party video is optimized for low latency while the main feed broadcast video is designed for high quality.

General FAQ: 

Q. How is content moderated?

    • Main feed moderators balance the energy in the chat on the main feed.

    • Inside camps, the camp creator can moderate energy, or even block users.

    • Any user can block comments from any other user.

    • Users can call in Ranger support as needed. Rangers are NOT moderators, enforcers, or hall monitors — they ARE volunteers ready to support you in time of need, such as explaining community standards of behavior or mediating a dispute. They can also help you access support for expressions of harm, violence, abuse, psychic pain or emergency.

Q. How do I get help?

    • Tech support: If you are having a tech issue, review this FAQ, and the general PORTL FAQ at: http://portl.com/faq. If you are still stuck, visit http://portl.com/support/

    • Ranger support: Rangers are available for anyone dealing with immediate concern about harm, violence, abuse, psychic pain, or emergency. They are not moderators nor enforcers of anything — they are “energy balancers.” To connect with a Ranger, look for the Rangers button and click it.

    • Playa Info support: Playa Info can assist with general questions about Burning Man, our 10 Principles, where to find porta-potties, and the like. To access Playa Info, click the Playa Info button.

Q. Where can I find plans to build a mini-Man to burn?

A. Go to https://kindling.burningman.org/build-n-burn-your-own-man/

Q. Where can I find safety guidelines for my mini-Man burn?

Q. How can I run the Burn Week main feed inside one of the Universes of the 2021 Virtual Burn?

A. To run the main feed inside a universe, send a request to BurnNight@PORTL.com.

Q. Are you planning to leave no trace? 

A. Of course! Except in your heart, where we hope to leave a big positive trace. Since we are merely broadcasting your fire, leaving no trace of that is mostly up to YOU! This event is a do-ocracy just like everything at Burning Man.