Name: Greg Age: 26 Location: UK Drummer, VFX artist, Programmer sufferer from Tourettes Syndrome! I am a creative through and through! I live to make and create beautiful things, be it music, art or technology!
How long have you been drumming? 11 years! I started when I was 15 back in secondary/high school. What is your job? THIS IS MY JOB!!!! :D and I am so so grateful for it! Due to the immense support from my community I have been able to take on twitch as my full time occupation! However I still do some art freelance on the side! What is/how bad is your Tourettes? Tourettes is a neurological condition that causes me to have uncontrollable vocal, physical and mental outbursts. I was diagnosed at the age of 5 with the worst form of the condition. However when I drum my symptoms disappear which has lead me to use drumming as an outlet to really be myself again. I have been in 4 BBC documentaries about the condition raising awareness with the general public. Who is your drumming inspiration? Hands down it is Craig Blundell. My drum teacher, friend and world class session drummer. He currently tours and records with Steven Wilson previously of Porcupine Tree. He has inspired me for ten years and continues to do so!