Little Star

#2a2a2a;">Celestial Songstress on the rise, Little Star is a sonic conduit for the currents of the Universal. An artist of the numinous, she gracefully transposes the resonance of Spirit into etheric soundscapes. With her voice as her predominant medium, she weaves many-layered compositions of melody, harmony, and word, to create soul-stirring offerings of poetry and prayer. Her live sets are composed through vocal looping, rhythm, and electronic soundscapes, creating deep, expansive journeys through sound. Her debut album 'Celestine,' was released on the Winter Solstice of 2016. In the winter of 2017, she released ‘Celestine, the Remixes,’ a three part remix compilation featuring further incarnations of her work by 17 world-renowned electronic artists, including EarthCry,#2a2a2a;"> Living Light, Mas Higasa of Yaima, Erothyme, #2a2a2a;">Drumspyder, Subaqueous, and more. Within her first years performing under this project, Little Star has drawn listeners into inspired musical trance in diverse musical settings and transformational gatherings across the country including CoSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (NY), Living Prism's Orbit, (OR), Imagine Orcas Island (WA), Expansion Festival (WA), Kinnection Campout (TN), Sonic Bloom (CO), Arise (CO), Unify (NM), Shamanic Boom (WY), Tribal Vision (CO), and more. Little Star approaches music as a practice of deep communion and reverence, as a sacred conversation with all that is, and shares sonic experience that guides listeners to spaces beyond themselves, beyond space and time, and deep within.