Juana Alicia

Juana Alicia has been creating murals and working as a printmaker, sculptor, illustrator, and studio painter for over 30 years. Her style, akin to genres of contemporary Latin American literary movements, can be characterized as magical and social realism, and her work addresses issues of social justice, gender equality, environmental crisis, and the power of resistance and revolution. The artist has been the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, a Windcall Residency, Master Muralist Award (Precita Eyes), Woman of Fire Award, among other recognitions, and her sculptural and painted public commissions (individual and collaborative) can be seen in Nicaragua, Mexico, Pennsylvania, and in many parts of California, most notably in San Francisco. Juana Alicia, in collaboration with her sister muralists, has recently published Maestrapeace: San Francisco’s Monumental Feminist Mural, through Heyday Books, and is now collaborating with Tirso G. Araiza on a graphic novel, La X’Ta’abay.