John Butler

John Butler is an Aussie roots rock guitarist and frontman for the John Butler Trio, who emerged in the late ’90s and found success via the platinum-selling albums Sunrise Over Sea (2004) and Grand National (2007). Australia’s biggest contribution to the Independent movement, the trio’s heady amalgam of reggae, political folk, blues, pop, and acoustic soul dominated the regional charts in the 2000s and 2010s. While facets of alt-rock began seeping into the mix on 2010’s acclaimed April Uprising, and 2018’s Home saw the group incorporating some electronic elements, the John Butler Trio have never lost their knack for pairing deft musicality with addictive yet off-center grooves, and have managed to maintain a large and loyal fan base both at home and abroad. 2019 saw John Butler touring the Northern Hemisphere as a four piece featuring Elana Stone, OJ Newcombe and Terapai Richmnond, as well as performing back home in Australia in the solo format at many festivals.