H. Byron Ballard

H. Byron Ballard is a rootworker, herbalist, and energy consultant, she leads local & regional workshops on southern Appalachian folk magic, celebrating and educating on the fading traditional cultures of the southern Highlands. She found that there is a hunger in both the dominant culture and in her spiritual community for authentic information on this subject. She did some research, talked to some home-folks and created a series of workshops based on what she’s learned and practiced over the years. Ballard presents ways to explore alternative modes of spirituality, with a goal to provide an authentic and filling experience. She is the author of "Staubs and Ditchwater" exploring a deceptively simple system of folk magic that has come down to modern Southern culture through the immigrants and natives who called these blue hills home. The book is a Friendly and Useful Introduction to Hillfolks Hoodoo, part memoir, part workbook.