Hi my name is Eugenia!! I'm from CT originally but I'm living in CA now. I started making YouTube videos and live streaming back in 2013 and have loved it ever since. (even though my old videos were extremelyyyy random and weird haha) I love video games, anime, and cute animals. I'm really new to Twitch but so exicited to start streaming on here for you guys! ^-^ Anyways I feel like I am really bad at talking about myself so I'm gonna end this, but you will probably get to know me better by watching my streams. haha love you all! <3 💖Amazing emotes designed by Dominic! 💖 No ads! 💖Access to my sub server on Discord! 💖You are immune to slow mode if slow mode is turned on! 💖No ads 💖Really cool sub badges designed by Chiikaboom! 💖You are supporting me and I am so so thankful for that!! 💖No racism 💖Please do not personally attack anyone! 💖Please don't spoil games/ backseat game