Debilyn Molineaux

Debilyn Molineaux is a transformation partner working on systemic levels. She co-founded and is Executive Director of the Bridge Alliance, a network of 100 organizations within the democracy ecosystem. She also co-founded, the National Conversation Project (a platform for all types of conversations across divides) and Living Room Conversations (with specific topic guides and tools) to assist people from all walks of life in connecting authentically to those different from them. Hailing from a conservative, agricultural community, Debilyn started her career as a small business owner, and became inspired to run for local office. Her own personal experiences have given her enormous insight into the challenges facing citizens who want to get involved and organizations that want to scale their impact. She serves as an advisor to many leaders and organizations. Debilyn is an ontologically trained coach and is especially adept at bringing the unseen to light.