Dave Irish (South Africa)

Dave Irish is a unique selector and mixer of music. He demands perfection when curating his sets and has quickly emerged onto big festival stages having played at EarthDance and SpiltMilk in 2018. Dave has taken a significant step in defining and showcasing his sound and has aptly chosen to play under his given name to do so. His sound is defined by an authentic interpretation and nuanced delivery of Techno which incorporates deep and melodic elements and off-center sonic anomalies. Dave Irish is also the co-founder of Oh My Techno and Bonzer which have garnered significant praise for well curated club nights that consistently deliver. Perhaps the most important characteristic that defines Dave Irish is his versatility and ability to tailor his performance to suit the environment. Whether it be a festival stage, small room, opening or closing duties he thrives on the challenge to captivate the audience entirely.