Hi there! I'm Ezzy a traditional media artist and I love to make SPOOKY BUT CUTE ART!!! I dabble in all sorts of mediums but my main love will always be Watercolor and Gouache (being a water bender and all ;) ) . I am primarily self taught, my secondary schooling consisted of less than a year as an Art major in college. I'm a Scorpio I am often horrible with words so I use visuals. I'd say my art style is cute and sweet with dark undertones for sure. WARNING: I also love to make food art, so please bring your own snacks!<3 Always feel free to ask questions about art i love discussing techniques and meeting fellow artists and art appreciators. The more art friends the merrier! so lets be friends :) i don't bite, but sometimes sting. Also, don't listen to me lol! I tend to babble and what I say are solely my opinions.